• Glenohumeral
  • A-P glide: VALIDATED
  • Cranial-caudal glide: VALIDATED
  • Gilchrist test (palm raised test)
  • Jobe test
  • Hawkins test
  • Neer test
  • Adson test
  • Eden test
  • Wright test: VALIDATED
  • Acromioclavicular
  • A-P glide
  • Restriction in the rotations
  • Sternal-costal-clavicular
  • Mobility associated with the cervical spines
  • Omothoracic
  • Palpation-radiology correlation
  • Glide restrictions


  • A-P glide of the radius head
  • Rotation of the ulna
  • Elbow laterality test

Wrist and fingers

  • A-P glide of the radiocarpal joint
  • A-P glide of the carpal bones
  • Phalen test and similar tests
  • Tinel’s Sign
  • A-P glide, rotation and decompression of the fingers




  • A-P glide
  • Rotations test

Knee:Orthopaedics (ligamentary and meniscal) well-studied. Osteopathic

  • A-P glide of the upper tibio-fibula
  • Ankle flexion-extension test for the superior tibio-fibula joint
  • Laterality test
  • Anterior-posterior box test
  • Knee rotation test


  • Compression-decompression test of the tibio-tarsal joint
  • A-P glide test of the tibio-tarsal joint
  • A-P glide test of the lower tibio-fibular joint
  • A-P glide test of the subastragalar joint: VALIDATED
  • Mobility test of the calcaneus: VALIDATED
  • Cuboid bone test
  • Scaphoid test
  • Piano key test of the metatarsals


  • Open mouth test: VALIDATED
  • Protusion/retrusion test
  • Diduction test