Ethics Commite application form SEFO

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    Does the experimental protocol ensure the physical and psychological integrity and the dignity of those people involved as experimental subjects?
    Are there any possible risks or incoveniences that may be derived from the trial?
    If there are such risks, name in what manner they are controlled or mitigated.
    Is there a reasonable balance between the possible risks of the trial and the benefits which are expected to be obtained from it?
    Can you ensure that the involvement of the subjects in the trial is voluntary and freely agreed and that the subjects have enough knowledge in order to give their consent for being part of the trial?
    Do you provide any incentives or compensations to the subjects for their involvement in the trials?
    Can the respect for privacy of the experimental subjects be ensured?
    Are the subjects from your trial particularly vulnerable (under age, with physical or mental disabilities, etc.)? Specify how can you guarantee the compliance of all ethical and legal requirements, expected for this circumstance.?
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    You must send your research project approved by the Scientific Advice of the MSO (PDF)Y